What Your Bf or Man Wants To Hear From You

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Good Afternoon friends, Many things have been written on how to please woman or a girl.. No one bothered to write about what is the expectation of a man to hear from his wife.Below is a sincere effort and this article is dedicated to all men who want to hear the voice of their wives about what they expect from her.

I hope all men will love to listen the same

I'm sorry

2) My mother is not coming back over finally

3) Why not set up a guys night?

4) Would you wish ME to prevent talking now?

5) i'll spare you the dramatic details

6) Dinner is prepared

7) you must undoubtedly obtain that for yourself!

8) I trust you

10) It's solely cash.. we are going to be ok.
don't need to travel looking."
"Liverpool v/s ManUtd is on. Hurry up!"
"Yeah I will ask later as you seem busy in some Important task(Though I dont in favor of waiting while talking to you)
"Dinner's on ME."
"You have my full support."
"Hold on to ME. We'll get through it all."

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