what's Life?

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A question that always has supressed me, i tried everything to solve this riddle, i tried to specify it, isolate it and even more dividing it but no clear answer that can fully satisfy my needs.
Yet one night a piece of paper made me realize something :
" Only By Breaking your mind borders, your limitations to logic, your awareness of the existence and the wall of your senses can make you understand LIFE , in other word you just can't solve it because our physics is constantly strengthen the borders, our math already limit our logic to numbers, our philosophy divide our existence and our society is crushing our senses. "
BUT what is the most important factor of understanding ??

TIME is our major factor here, Everytime we get older this limitations get tighter and tighter. Every time we gained some experience, some dreams get crushes, those dreams could possibly help another person in indirect way. Everything you do in a second from the smallest thing to the biggest will multiple your algorithm of life into 1 followed by 10 zeros, So basicly our life's infinite possibilities are only limited to time.
BUT How do we sense TIME ??

Do you know that our MIND can recognize everything but yet it limits himself into some basic delivery message ?? let's take colors for example: everyone knows what " RED " is and how we see it but can anyone really describe it to me what's red ?? can you describe it to a blind man with different level of understanding as yours ?? well basicly humanity has created some shortcuts such as hot to describe red and cold to describe blue but did we really made a definition to it ?? Einstein once said that if you can't make a child understand your idea then you didn't understand it yourself ??
Only our mind can Calculate such an unbreakable chain of time, without itself noticing it. Our instinct fears the unpredictable so our minds has developed a method in order to simplify things into physical or predictable stuff such as waking in the morning knowing already the schedule of how we will pass our day.

And that's where these questions really triggers themselves :
Does our minds get evolved soo much that we can't solve a simple problem ?? or even answer a simple question ??

To Be Continued ...

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