What's Next?

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Wow, simply wow. Last week I said " Let's see if we can get to 100 subscribers by the end of next week, or more!" And you guys delivered in a big way! I went from 51 to 169 subscribers (currently) in the week since that post.  I am beyond flattered that people are coming to my channel in droves to check out my content. So I say, let's keep this up! I want as many people as possible to see my content. All of Film Annex's population if possible. More viewers will mean more revenue which means I'll be able to do this for a living. And that would be so amazing if I could just put my full concentration on making more content for you, my growing audience.

Taking a quick look at my photo gallery, I see the thing that has gotten the most buzzes is my Jedi picture. Thanks so much for all of the attention that picture has gotten! I've posted that little photo at various sites over the past 6 years but it's never quite got the attention I felt it deserved. Until now it is. Keep sharing that picture around and keep those buzz points coming!

I'm also glad you guys appreciated my Valley Light photo. I've been thinking of pursuing my photography hobby again at some point in the future, so I'm pleasantly surprised that there's an interest about it here. 

As far as blogs go, I intend to go on with my favorite themes in gaming series because there's a lot of tracks from various games that I've wanted to write about for a long time. A lot of it is going to visit various games in the Street Fighter series, but like I said in the most recent blog about F-Zero, I'll soon expand to other games in different genres like platformers, RPGs, and some shooters (not too many of those though because I don't really play those kinds of games anymore). And I'll try to keep that to a twice a week schedule so you guys have something to look at in between releases of Emina episodes.

I have so many more quality videos planned and I'd even like to start doing Let's Plays around here when I'm finished making videos for Emina and Space Opera. I even have a list of games I'd like to take on when I begin doing that. So if you guys keep on supporting me with your views, comments, and buzz points, I will do my part to keep some great content coming your way. And if things become big enough here in terms of viewership and audience interaction, I may also begin to post exclusive things just here at Film Annex!

I'm already nearly at 200 subscribers, so no need in me asking you to help me get to that number. Let's dream big here at It's A Trapp! Productions and Film Annex. Let's go for 1,000 subscribers! I've never had an audience that large anywhere. Not at YouTube, not at GoAnimate, not even Google+ where I currently have about 985 people following me. The key term here is "following" not "interacting", which you guys here are certainly doing in a big way. So let's make this happen as quickly as possible! Once we hit 1,000 subscribers, who knows where we'll go next?