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Summer is not officially over, fall hasn't officially begun, but I have officially entered the winter of my discontent.  This last three months I let go of a lot of routine things in my life that just don't serve anymore:  I've not signed back up for substitute teaching, I'm letting go of some doctors I see, and I realize that I just cannot do summer festivals with a caricature table because A) I can't afford the table fees, B) My transportation (aka my dad and his van) is getting older and C) I'm just not interested anymore.

There were some bright spots this summer:  I fixed up a mess with the Internal Revenue Service and I'm finally getting my tax refund--$333!  And they told me I'm eligible for Earned Income Credit--$483!  But I have to wait for them to come--I'm still waiting.  Then my editor at the weekly newspaper The 411 said its new website will be live "soon"--after over a year of the web designer dragging its feet!  I've been named manager of the website and have been told of my salary and duties.  But I'm still waiting--and waiting.  My editor says, "Be patient!" but my bank account is saying "FEED ME!"  To paraphrase one TV preacher, "Money cometh to me--just not in a timely fashion!"

This is also the summer of Internet hopping for me--signing up for this website and that to find new ways to make money with my creativity.  I've signed up with HubPages and Squidoo to write blogs about stuff I like, like Saturday morning cartoons.  I've signed up with Talenthouse and Genero.tv to find high-paying cartoon and animation projects.  I'm considering new digital download-selling websites that do more than Payloadz and cost less.  I've signed up with Patreon, the artists' website where creatives can earn money through monthly donations from fans.

What I'm finding out is that I have to make my own life and my own excitement, and not just to depend on something or someone else providing for me automatically.  This means I have to do the work, make the effort.  Starting is tough--like my mom these days, I find it hard to get up and do things--but I must remember to be gentle with myself and remember to have fun no matter what I do.

You're a creative, D.K. Upshaw--CREATE A LIFE!




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