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After doing the first "Music, Maestro, Please!" blog, more encouraging TV theme song lyrics to live by have emerged from within.  It started with the lyrics to the theme song of the sitcom "Perfect Strangers:"

Standing tall

On the wings of of my dreams

Rise and fall 

On the wings of my dreams

Through the rain and thunder

Wind and haze

I'm bound for better days

It's my life and my dreams

And nothin's gonna stop me now!


Then came the theme to "Laverne & Shirley".  I can just hear Cyndi Greco now:


We're gonna do it!

Give us any chance, we'll take it!

Read us any rule, we'll break it!

We're gonna make our dreams come true

Doin' it our way!


Next was the theme to the sitcom "Alice", sung by its star, Linda Lavin:


There's a new girl in town 

And she's lookin' good!

Got a smile, got a song

For the neighborhood

Things are great when you stand

On your own two feet

And this girl's here to say

With some luck and love 

Life's gonna be so sweet!


Finally this came to me:  the theme to a long-defunct 70s show called "Sweepstakes", where a different set of characters each week were poised to win a million tax-free dollars.  Here's the song's refrain:


Without a dream inside of you

There's no dream that can come true 

Don't be afraid to dream

Don't be afraid to dream

Oh, dream!


"Perfect Strangers" was an 80s show; all the rest came from the 70s, where I spent the majority of my youth.  But just now, in my 50s, these lyrics are starting to make sense.  It's like I'm being reminded to keep my dreams alive by working at them and resisting all opposition, including the opposition within.  And yes, I am a new girl in a new time of my life.

Lately I find that God must be speaking to me not just through His Word, but the words from other places familiar to me.  He's reaching me where I am and encouraging me with the things I know.  And if that seems such a stretch to some, well, if my Pastor can mention classic sitcoms in his sermons, why not?

Now here's another "Afghanistoon", this time from the Pashto language.



UPDATE:  New inspiration has come up!  The last verse of "Stabilize!", the theme song of the sitcom "Flatbush", mentioned in a previous blog:


'Cause the dream ain't gone

Baby, when the heat is on



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