When your plan doesn't work out the way you expected it to be

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We have our own plans how to run and live our lives. But what if your plan doesn't work the way you wanted them to work? What if your perfect plan had been destroyed by your circumstances? Somtimes it is so hard to accept that fact, It seems that you do every little thing to make it perfect but still there are flaws. You know why? It is because there is no such thing as perfect plan made my men. Perfect plan was only made by God and we cannot argue with that.

If you keep on insisting your own plan, do not blame God if you end up bad or destroyed. And it is written in Proverbs 19:21 That still the will of the Lord will prevail. He is greater than everyone of us, The Alpha and Omega. The all-knowing God, He knows the best for us.

There are times that circumstances seems unfavorable to us but if we just remember that God has a better plan then we will surely reap the reward He reserves for us.

A simple reminder from my personal experience today. Maybe i'll include this is my devotion. :)

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