WHERE HAVE I BEEN?? #filmannexphilosophy - LETS MAKE IT A TREND

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Huge apologies to followers on Filmannex for a quiet few weeks, I have been swallowed up in day to day life (as we all are) but I have also been re-evaluating my direction and future.

Today however, I have decided to share!

You may have noticed that I have hash-tagged the #filmannexphilosophy a couple of times on Twitter and I think we should try to get it trending…

I came to this platform as a filmmaker who wanted to get into writing and directing feature dramas and used Filmannex as a tool for sharing, earning revenue (amazing and rare!!!) and learning from other filmmakers but over the 3/4 years of being on here my direction has changed enormously.

I no longer have the desire to pursue a 'career' within the TV/Film industry, instead I am naturally chasing/following the social enterprise side to Filmannex and using my skills as a filmmaker/blogger to document this change and ambition.

For those of you that don't know, Filmannex is one of the most globally connected social enterprises I have ever come across, a creative network that produces a unique balance between fulfilling filmmakers/bloggers dreams and withdrawing the tools to contribute to social change - It has totally inspired me!

Over a 4day weekend I attended an amazing event for Active Citizens run by the National Council for Voluntary Youth Services. This residential opportunity pulled together young individuals who are driven to embark on a similar #filmannexphilosophy.

As a group we shared our ideas for individual social action projects offering tips, advice, feedback and encouragement. I met some amazingly humble, sincere and passionate youths who I know are going to make an impact. We studied what it meant to be an active citizen, discussing/sharing/exploring our culture, identity, trust and understanding and what we defined as sustainable change. It was an eye-opening experience and a massive reassurance that young people, anybody in-fact, can contribute to positive change.

As for my own social action idea, well…here it goes.

I believe one of the problems young people face today, including myself, is the lack of self-belief that we have the authority, ability or necessary education to stand up and speak out. There is a stigma attached to who it is that makes the decisions in our community - middle class, predominately mature white males who have swallowed a dictionary. 

Before I continue, if you haven't watched Russell Brands interview with Jeremy Paxman I suggest you give it a go as it creates a foundation and backdrop to my idea.

Brand argues that those in power are so detached from those most affected in society that they continue to neglect their needs and continue to create an intimidating divide. 

It is my goal to spread the message that you don't have to be a white middle class A* pupil with superb public speaking skills, a confident stride and a brain bursting with political jargon. There are ways in which you can make your voice heard that don't involve such an intimidating atmosphere and if you're not sure what you want to say…thats cool too! So what? Lets learn a thing or two at our own pace.

This quick mood board reflects my idea.

And this expressive delivery of a poem is an example of the creative platform I want to provide.

In-fact, having this platform is quite a personal goal... At the age of 25 I am only just starting to take notice of what is going on around me, I have never voted and I have never been a part of any decision making process - My close friends know me as Amy, Who Sits On The Fence... it wasn't until my ICS (International Citizen Service) programme that I realised I can actually DO something.

I want to make sure people realise this sooner and younger.

And a creative route is a refreshing and personal journey that can provide a stepping stone into such thinking and exploration.

Wish me luck!

Peace :)



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I make short films for a hobby! Despite 7 years studying towards a professional career in the medium I have found freedom of film-making and self expression doesn't come with a pay check...I have a huge interest in Youth/Community development that I like to blog, photograph and film :)

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