Which Browser Do you Use?

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I had been a chrome lover since I learned about it, I like its feel, its user interface, the way it loads fast and that it has been a user friendly to me. I had hated other browsers since then and I just keep on using it until I gave up on some malware which I am unable to remove from my Google Chrome browser.

So I have switched now to Firefox, it was the browser I had used when I was in college and I never thought it was already improved. All I recall before was that it takes forever for this browser to load up, it even crashes a lot of times and would go not responding while it is opening the page. That was my memory of it but when I tried using it today, I just realized that it has become faster and lighter.

And take note, the interface has also changed, I love it now and the fact that I am not getting the same issue as what I am having in my chrome browser is definitely better.

How about you? Which browser do you use?

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