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I have been motivated to write online by a former member known as @catlord. You may also remember him as glassdesk (twitter). He hails from Canada. He does unique crafting which he has shared through his writing. He is a website programmer/designer by trade. Catlord was my referrer and mentor at Knoji.

Catlord has written many times about having to work night shifts which have taken a toll on his health. It has been difficult for him.

We have all been through the dilemma of working a job that we are not happy with to get money for supporting a family. I have suggested that he try selling his unique crafts through Etsy. He has restocked his site and proudly reports that within a short time has made his first sale, one of his "coin" rings.

What goes around, comes around. I hope he can do well selling the items he loves to make. Motivation can be a two-way street.

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