Who is a Friend ?

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Hello everyone.
We all have friends, but we all know that not all are friends, sometimes we rely too much on people, and we realize the truth sometimes too late, because there is a lot envy, selfishness, people who are close to you only to know your life, to know your desires, your goals, to know what you like and don't, and many of those people around you are just looking for weapons to make you fall, suffer, they are people looking for ways to hurt, but also good friends, those friends that never change, those friends that no matter how much it hurts they always say the truth, those friends that take you away from vices and don't push it, those friends who make you mourn with the truth and make you laugh with jokes and honestly, I know we all know who is friend and who is not, just sometimes we don't want to see reality, my advice is be careful what you say and share with your "friends".

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