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Dear friends, I am not politically engaged and I do not intend to be. But I fear where the world is heading. There are too many fake peace makers and they make the war affected people suffer even more. I always thought that internal affairs of each country should stay internal and that particular foreign relations should concern only the countries involved in the particular matter. But of course, who am I to think? Nowadays if someone is considered to be a leading world force they are a  self proclaimed god. So they will forbid you to kill but they will kill allegedly serving justice. Have you ever wondered why they are doing it? Do you really think they care about the peace, do you really think they care about the victims or who is right in a conflict that is non of their business? No. All they care is that the war in your country lasts eterbaly so that they can profit selling weapon and thus producing more. They will officially stand up for the rights of one party but actually provide both parties in war with arms. And they will make sure you never make peace.  So they don't want peace. Who wants peace? The rest of the world! So why don't we all make sure there is less conflict someone wants to take advantage of? People should think before they act. People should think twice who they ask for help. Destruction, hatred, revenge  have  never brought any good to anyone. There is always a better way to handle things.

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