****Who Wants To Be A Millionaire****

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****Who Wants To Be A Millionaire****

As long you follow these steps in order and don't try to be intelligent and change the steps you will reach the goal guaranteed
Step 1: Watch The Video

Step 2: Register for your free Gold Savings account here.


and click on the Affiliate link then become KYC "Know Your Customer" certified
Step 3: Purchase at the very minimum a silver business package for only $ 350.00 USD
Step 4: Commit to saving a minimum of $65.00 paper money per week and purchase 1 gram of gold each week.

******The Millionaire step *****
I have included this step here because this is the step that will take you to millionaire status within 1 year or less
Step 5: Upgrade to a VIP business package and commit to saving $150.00 per week and purchase 2.5 grams of gold per week.
Step 6: Enroll 2 other people to follow this savings plan formula.

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