Why I love Cryptocurrency

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For this blog I want to talk about my love of cryptocurrency...

I don't love it cause it inflates and you can get "rich" off the pump and dump games.

Oh, no.

I love it because it's de-centralised.


This may also be why i don't love Ripple.

Moslty I'm annoyed at how they advertise it as a cryptocurrency but it's centralised..and they can make the coins whenever they want [ there's no limit on the amount of Ripple that can be created which to me makes it...ick]

The de centralized nature is what makes crypto the bomb.

It means banks and big corporations have a harder time controlling and manipulating the markets to benefit only them.

Which is how normal FIAT currences are currently used to exploit the people. 


REAL cryptocurrency offers relief to countries whose national currency is bombing due to the many ways you can mess up a currency. Inflation, over printing of money, gross mismanagement of it by government....etc etc.

I'm hooked on a currency made for the people as opposed to against them.

I could see [and do see] crypto liberating us.

What do you all think? Do you love crypto the way I do? No? Why?




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