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The hope of the world live in the united nations organization. It alone can save the world from the war of the thermonuclear war.

If the U.N.O Now the way of lake view of nations,  the world will go down the gap of a volcano . It will burn and blast like a big bomb. The U.N.O was a committee of nations the original need was forward body to strive and keep peace in the world.

After the end of the second world war the brains behind the big move were the big three Roosevelt,  Churchill and Stalin.  This conference was called at San Fransico which was attended by all the allied powers it prepare a charter of national position.

  The italics charter the other unit of team. U.N.O are the general assembly the economic and social council ,the international court of justice and the trusteeship council.

Each member nation is represented on the general assembly but this quality council has only 11 members of which of 5 are permanent and the reset are elected by the general assembly by rotation.

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