Why You Are My Awesome Friend?

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Reasons why you are my awesome Friend

-I will tell you something and you will not be get mad on me.
- once i am extremely down you cry with ME.
- i might trust you with my life and you'd trust ME with yours.
- we've personal jokes.
- I show pride in your competency.
- i do know your moods therefore well that i do know specifically once to press you to inform ME what is wrong- and once to depart you in peace.
- you are honest however tactful. Usually.
- If i am resolution of line, you tell ME.And once i am doing a decent job, you tell ME that too.
- you think that i am good, capable, clever and pretty. you are my single cheering section.
- typically we're beneath lots of stress and that we bite off one another.Look, this stuff happen between friends. we tend to get past it.
- You send ME encouraging e-mails at important moments and that i send them to you, too.
- You stop ME firmly once I begin apologizing for things that are not my fault.
- You bring your issues to ME and let ME assist you solve them.
- do not|we do not} look alike and that we don't sound alike- however we expect alike on all the vital things and that is what counts.


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