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Nature is a gift which Allah has bestowed as a gift upon his mankind. It is a gift to make man realize that his creator is always close to him. Man was close to his creator when he was much close to the nature. He valued the eternal gift of Allah to him. Now a days man has forgotten his Creator in the quest of money,fame and artificial things. He is destroying his Creator's bounty. It was a blessing that enabled man to understand and recognize the one and only Allah Almighty.

Just imagine that if there were no trees , no greenery , only concrete buildings , no sweet fragrance , only aromatic alcoholic compounds, no cool breeze , only air-conditioned chambers, no natural flowers, only plastic gifts, no soothing smell and sound of falling water, only noise of honking vehicles, no colorful butterflies, no chirping birds, only manually operated machines for entertainment, just tell me how would you feel?. Do you want to live in the world of artificiality ? I certainly don't want to live in an artificial world.


If you agree with me on this point please make a difference by going green. Save nature by shunning mindless mechanization. Plant trees, condemn global warming, save energy and join hands to make this world and planet as beautiful and attractive as it was always meant to be.

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My name is Hassan , I am 20 years old and my home country is Pakistan

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