Women fined for taking part in overseas beauty contests without license

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Three Vietnamese women were fined and banned from any type of public performance for attending at overseas beauty and model contests without licenses.

 Cao Thuy Linh (right)

The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism's Department of Performing Arts decided to fine three women who decided to take part in activities abroad, which the department deems under its purview, without permission. Cao Thuy Linh, Huynh Thuy Anh and Tuong Vy, were fined VND30 million each.


Huynh Thuy Anh

According to the department, Linh illegally participated in Miss Grand International 2014 in Thailand, Anh in Miss community contest in the US and Vy in Miss Vietnam Continents 2014 in the US.


Tuong Vy

The department pronounced the titles they gained from the contests invalid. The women will also not be allowed to participate in any public performances beginning September 2.

The ban will not be removed until the Department of Performing Arts certifies the women have complied with all the stipulations of their punishment.

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