Women trafficking is thriving in India

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India is known as the world's fastest thriving country in the world and it is making the new identity with its film industry which now comes in one of the finest industries in the world, but if we see beside the glamours of film industry and the thriving state, India is facing many problems today and one of it is Human trafficking specially women trafficking, India is known as the second biggest market of human trafficking, according to analysis about sixty percent of world's human trafficking mass comes from India. the poor girl's families like the tea pickers of Assam state where the average income is below then one dollar sell there girls to the local agent which sell them into the city, where on the basis of physical appearance they are sold to different agencies and different industries like beggary industry and the agency which provide servants in the houses, and some are sent into the fire of sex business and they spent their whole life in the hope that one day they will be free


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