Working on a NEWFAUCET +1000satoshis/1Hour

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Hi all,


I'm here today to ask a litle help to build a Faucet for you all! I know that isnt easy to earn some BTC/DOGE/LITE from Faucets this days, but i'm trying to build and make a FULL FREE FOR ALL FAUCET BTC/DOGE/LITE.


What do i need? 

At the moment i have the web designer & programer that can help me for free but i need a domain and a name for the sitte.


What do i realy need?

So, i need your help guys to choose a name for the Faucet & sitte and some ideas too.


Help to get the Domain ?!

-Hey guys, lets help me, than i can help you! If you can ( only if you can ofc) plz, send some BTC/DOGE to my wallets i will change them for USD or BTC to buy the cheapest Domain that i could find, than i can make you the Faucet and send back the money that you guys gaved me now.


BTC adress: 1FKr9YUVJnW1TbQmtLDSzXdebvL7PUkHRW

DOGE adress: DT5QGVddUZgyd442zHcifbwnwxWyQF9TC2


*I want to thank all of you that will and can help me, i will give away nice bonus(+50% for 100 days & +50% more on afiliate) for 100º first inscriptions on the faucet.

**Thank You.

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