Writing a Good Novel - What you need to write !

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What you need to be able to write ?


  • Be Honest With Yourself

In order to write a novel, you have to know about yourself; whether you are capable of doing it or not ? for example if somebody says you are boring and no fun can you laugh that off ? or can you leave the phone unanswered ? you should be able to make a writing part of good things in your life, you should have time to write everyday. You don't need to write when you are not feeling good, just sat down and when you are in mood start writing again. That's what successful writing says !!


  • Find Your Reader 

You need to find your reader, you can get your reader interest by writing the best possible book you can, the book aimed by a young women is different than the book aimed by an old man, probably the your reader will be someone just like you ! he likes what you like. However you can write a novel for people who like other things too. Maybe they read your novel and say what a wonderful novel ! or maybe your book changes their attitude and maybe there is an interesting point about something that he likes. To target your reader you can write your novel and submit it to the publisher or agent, they may give you suggestions to change some part of your novel and make it longer or make it little bit shorter, because they know the publishing market; they will make judgement and give direction as where your book should be aimed. you should keep the picture of your reader while writing. because a 12 years old boy who goes to school have specific grammar understanding. if you say that oh ! it is really a good book and forget about your readers, if you don't bother yourself to fix your novel, the reader notice that and will not forget it. your book must always be as good as you can make it !


  • Understand the Writing ?

 You should remember that writing is editing, in addition of being a good writer you need to be creative re-writing. Writing novel takes 3 months to 30 years depends on the writer, fortunately it doesn't take that long for most of the people, but if you spend 1 year in writing the novel, probably 9 months will be spend for re-writing, shaping, changing, reordering, re-phrasing and etc, over and over again, until it is as good as it can be. It is like creating a sculpture, what is needed for a sculpture in general is 2 smaller lamps for feet, body and a head, but after that is the time real work starts : the editing and polishing. writing is all about the getting the details right.


  • Be Creative

To make a good novel you should have the talent for, your ideas, your situation, your characters and everything that makes up your story. Most people who want to write should have the talent for. You can start writing by what like to read. if you ready love story novels and try to write for crime novels it is probably not a good choice. Write about what you know, but you need to be careful about the subject, it shouldn't be watching TV. Having deep knowledge in the subject and paint a convincing picture help the reader to know what you are talking about.Look what you have written in the past that worked well and what subject help you to succeed again.Know your personal strengths and weaknesses, they will determine your writing ability. 


  • Setup your Story 

You need to use techniques to setup your story as a frame for your ideas, you can tell your story as best as you can by putting everything in its proper place. One way to improve your own technique is to look at at the work of other authors. you need to pick up their brains, if you try to write the structure, plot, character, narrative voice and so on by yourself, you have to do lots of unsuccessful writing and go through many false starts to get there, so save some time and read what other authors do, determine whether it works for you, and carry on. write for fun, try to tell your own story to others. 

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