WRITING A GOOD NOVEL - Writing a Story !

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Story is the things that happen in a novel.

In addition you need a good skeleton for  “ The Plot “,  Plot is the Plan or Structure of the novel.




Your story should have the following features 

  • Have Motivation : Why something happened ? stories are about motives and consequence and things happening for a reason.
  • To be Relevant : Only tell the things that reader need to know 
  • Have Contrast : Put light and shade in the story, speed up, slows down, balances humour and seriousness, and shouts and whispers 


There are Seven Kind of basic Stories :


The Hero with the Fatal Flaw or The Tragic hero : The protagonist in this story should have special talent, academic brilliance, unusual creativity or a great capacity. that would be discovering a cure for cancer, painting a masterpiece, or making their partner happier, examples could be a brilliant scientist, a champion boxer, a beautiful and gifted film star, a successful general or a husband who loves his wife.

Virtue Ultimately Rewarded : The main character in this kind of story possesses something of value or embodies a quality that other people or circumstances want to take away from them. A possession such as a ring, car, rifle, or painting. A quality such as innocence, goodness or a free spirit. A physical trait such as a great singing voice, a beautiful face or enormous strength. 

The Eternal Triangle : In this story, usually all three relationships are at least possible, and however briefly, each one should appear to be likely at some point in the story. 

Romeo and Juliet : This is the oldest and most common story of all stories. This story has the most cliches and therefore the greatest number of expectations on the part of your reader.

The Holy Grail : The grail can be concrete something that you can hold in your hand, or it can be a discovery that the main character needs to experience or find out. 

Nemesis : Any story in which something or someone from the past comes back to haunt the protagonist is a Nemesis story, can be anything, a big secret or an event that didn’t mean much at the time. It should have some connection to at least one of the characters - probably protagonist.

Triumph of Good Over Evil : Everyone thinks he know what’s is going to happen in this story, after a good guys undergo many trials and tribulations, the bad guys get a kicking

Most stories involve more than one of these seven basic stories, and most can fit comfortably into more than one category. The point is to finding ways to take these familiar stories  and tell them in unexpected ways, mixing familiar ingredients into unfamiliar combinations. A writer worrying about whether their story is original !

of course your story is not original. Don’t worry ! Plunder everything you need from wherever you find it, and mix it up. Don’t be hesitate; don’t worry about it.

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