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I am a happy man. For I have written -and sold- a screenplay for the very first time in my life. It's called Hieronymus. Soon I will start directing this animated feature film. Just one more round of polishing the script.

I'll try and share some of my good and bad experiences in writing it, for it might just be interesting to other first time writers. I might have some tips or things to keep in mind, you never know. First thing that pops into mind:

You can not write if you are not willing to become a baby killer. You'll be killing your babies on a daily basis. You'll become good at it and you'll start to like it. Why? Because it's easy and cheap to kill them off at this stage. The thought of making all these mistakes later on, during the animation process, is just too sick. You will need readers, to point out the mistakes you've made. This can be very painful -regardless the amount of anaesthetic your script doctors use- but a tough baby killer doesn't know the meaning of the word pain. He cuts away with vigour. And that leaves room for new, fresh and better idea's. Don't worry, there's always enough ideas. Why? I've no idea.

That was no tip, that was more like a warning! You want some quick tips that are actually useful? Google on 'Save The Cat' and 'Celtx'.

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