Your Not Safe

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Allah's messenger SAW, he use to get up and pray..and make istigfaar(repentance) 70-100 times a day..
And one time when he was praying,Aysha(May peace upon he) she saw how he was doing and said,"You doing all of this Oh Rasoolullah?"
Like,cmon you know.. your the prophet.. and so when he finished.. he said,
He said,"Who told you I was safe Aysha?"
And the hearts(Quloob),
"And the hearts are between the fingers of Ar-Rahman"
"He twists and truns them,any way he likes.."and we see that Dua(Supplication),that the Prophet SAW was making all the time..
"Oh the one who turns and flips the hearts, and the visions..
Make my heart firm in your Religion(deen)"
So we need to constantly be carefull.. not to think that we are safe..

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