Your Trip to the Moon

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1: The sun is rising as your rocket ship lands on the moon. It shines from a black sky. And you can see millions of stars


2: The sky is black, because there is no air for the light from the sun to go through. On the earth, light from the sun catches dust in the air. This makes the earth is sky look blue.

3: As you jump out of the rocket, something strange happens. You find yourself going up, up into space!

4: A jump of six feet sends you up thirty six feet on the moon. Why? The moon is four times smaller than the earth, so its pull on things is less. A boy who weighs 120 pounds on the earth weighs only 20 pounds on the moon.

5: You turn around to tell Jack about the strange things that are happening to you. But you can’t see him. Is he lost? You look all around-but no Jack! You are all alone on the moon. And you don’t know how to fly the spaceship.

6: Again you look toward the ship. There he is. He was hidden in the black moon shadow of the rocket and could not be seen.

7: You shout to Jack but he can’t hear you. There is no air to carry sound.

8: By waving your arms, you make Jack understand that you want to see more. You climb back into the ship and take off.

9: Below, you see what looks like a river. But there are no rivers on the moon. This is a huge crack thousands of feet deep and about a hundred miles long.

10: You fly over many mountains. Some of them are almost as high as the highest mountains on the earth.

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