6 : 3

Uploaded on Tuesday 9 November 2010


The greatest football match of the century, England versus Hungary, started at 3:15 on November 25, 1953. For months, a whole country had been looking forward to this date and now they had all gathered around their radios. The Golden Team was going to play against the English, who had never been beaten at home… A few minutes before the start, however, a man appears and spoils all the rooting by announcing the goals in advance. He is always right. He calls himself Tutti. No one knows him or where he comes from. He runs from one place to the other, but since he cannot keep his mouth shut, he is always thrown out. Soon he has to flee, for State Security finds out about him. He has two helpers, Helén, the street-cleaner, who takes pity on him and hides him in her trash can and Halmi the bar musician, Helén’s ex-fiancée. And while these three are hiding, the match of the century goes on. But how does he know the goals? And what will happen to him? To them? To us? The film is ninety minutes long, just like the broadcast. Is this enough for Tutti to re-write his story? For that’s what the film is really about.


Language: Hungarian

Length: 98

Country: Hungary