A Radio Interview on Afghanistan Culture with Edward Zellem

Uploaded on Wednesday 16 January 2013


Afghan proverbs provide deep and vital insights into Afghanistan’s culture, according to U.S. Navy Captain and author Edward Zellem. A Dari-speaking expert on Afghan Proverbs and a highly decorated veteran of the war in Afghanistan, he has published two acclaimed books, “Zarbul Masalha: 151 Afghan Dari Proverbs” and “Afghan Proverbs Illustrated.” In this exclusive interview on a Tampa Bay talk radio show, Captain Zellem discusses his work behind the scenes inside the Presidential Palace of Afghanistan; the critical importance of education in Afghanistan; women in Afghanistan; target marketing strategies; and the key role of Afghan Proverbs in Afghan culture and society. A classic short film created by the online video filmmakers at Film Annex for sharing on social media.


Language: English

Length: 05:04

Country: United States

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