A Vous D'Avouer

Uploaded on Monday 1 January 2007


A Vous d'avouer

Streets of Paris are not safe anymore.
One day, a man is kidnapped and tortured.
By who?
Will he confess?
You will see.

This film was been made for the festival "48Hours film project" - Paris 2007

The kind of film :
Spy Movie

3 Obligatory Elements :
- Character : Jean or Jeanne Maqua, inspector of something
- Object : An open umbrella
- Sentence : Ah si c'est pas malheureux ça


A "La Prod par9" film

Director :
Xavier Tellier

Acting Director :
Céline Decoox

Written by :
Jérôme Argelich
Céline Decoox
Davy Louis
Xavier Tellier

With :
V.B - Véronique
Christophe Favre - Jean Maqua
Stéphanie Caillol - Nathalie
Jean-Marie Dubenton - L'animateur
Olivier Lefrevre - Homme au journal/Assistant
Yann Galode - Homme au parapluie
Céline Decoox - Femme au parapluie
Davy Louis - Passant
Jérôme Argelich - Assistant plateau

Music by :
Victor Prescott - http://www.vicprescott.com

Graphism :
Leaphar - http://www.leaphar.net


Language: English

Length: 05:17

Country: France