Abel Ferrara Talks to Editor Anthony Redman (Part 5)

Uploaded on Saturday 19 June 2010


Anthony Redman and Abel Ferrara discuss their film "Bad Lieutenant" and the changes within the film industry within the past decades. In this interview, Abel Ferrara talks about a club scene that made Bad Lieutenant different from his other films. The club scene was shot at the Limelight on a normal Friday night in New York City. They discuss the benefits of filming a movie in a club like Limelight and the sound quality that could not have been reproduced. The sound is distinctive because the DJ is mixing multiple records while singing at the same time.

Anthony Redman mentions crucial changes in the film industry that affected the way movies are made today. He goes on to explain that today, networks provide crew members with sexual harassment classes and take this very seriously. Unlike the times when Bad Lieutenant was filmed, crew members are not allowed to yell, curse or take advantage of anyone on the set. Redman was a graduate of UCLA film school in Los Angeles, California at a time when studying film was not very common. Although he went to school for film, he suggests young filmmakers not to go to school for him and improve their skills on the job if they want to succeed.


Language: English

Length: 16:02

Country: United States