Abel Ferrara's 4:44 - Pre-Lighting and Rehearsal

Uploaded on Monday 11 April 2011


Director of photography Ken Kelsch and his team start setting up the lights for the first day of 4:44’s two-week shoot. Kelsch is a pro. He is tall, doesn’t smile a lot, and might come across just a tiny bit intimidating, but we know him better than that! He has been collaborating with Abel Ferrara since day 1 (literally). They shot Ferrara’s first hit, Driller Killer together. Remember that guy who went around New York City, drilling into people’s heads? Yes, that’s the movie. Since then, Kelsch and Ferrara collaborated on maybe a dozen productions. Also, Kelsch’s latest film Dessert Flower is now playing in theaters, so make sure you check it out. Getting back to pre-lighting… It’s around two in the afternoon, and Kelsch seems pretty happy about his new dolly. “This is a real dolly,” he tells us. “This is my office right here.” We are reminded of his affectionate side and his love for his equipment. Then, he points at the lights behind him, tells us that they are a great innovation. Flicker-free, long source, and they don’t burn. “These do sound like the best lights ever invented. Where do I get them?” you might ask. We’ll get back to you on that.

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