Alex Speaks with IFQ TV about his short film Narx

Uploaded on Monday 6 June 2011


Narx- Best Drama Short Film for 2011 in the IFQ/Independent Film Quarterly Film & New Media Festival.

A Veteran New York City Undercover named Mazze gets his biggest mission ever before he retires from undercover duties and becomes a family man with a normal life, but first he needs to survive the battle of corruption with his own peers on his team and then take down the biggest Drug Kingpin of New York City. The Drug Kingpin played by Fat Joe/Rap Artist had these cops on his payroll and was not aware that the cops had their own plan as well to double cross him. Just when the Undercover Mazze thought he was bring the Drug Kingpin down he runs into a double trouble "Twin" a corrupted cop named "Ace" that was under the kingpin's payroll and was trying to use his double jeopardy to avoid getting convicted. "Ace" was holding an "Ace in the hole" that was Ace's Twin Brother that no one was aware of. The situation became so bad that the twins' mission was to set up the corrupted cops and bring down the Drug Kingpin as well after they take all his money and drugs and kill the Undercover!

This Short Film Narx was written and prepared to be a Feature film or a Television premiere. It was written with about 4 different twists. What is so different then the other stories out in the market today? Is... the different twist's to the story! It's not just a Drama of story with one twist, it has 4 different twists but it's based on some true stories and can be market for future premieres. Each main character has a twist. Narx can be compared to The Movie Departed. Narx has a full script written of 120 pages. It's available at request.

Narx is also coming out with a comic book with a short detail story of the movie. Alex Mazze the actual Undercover that plays Uncle Mazze in Narx, he's also shopping for a publisher for a book he wrote about his Dark side Stories as an Undercover for the Police Department.

MANHATTAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2011-Presents NARX an Award Winner! (In New York City)


Film screenings will take place at Quad Cinema, located at 34 West 13th Street, New York, NY 10011.

Seating Capacity: 150 Tickets are $12.00 Please Order Your Tickets In Advance Call 1-866-468-7619 or Go to under the film schedule/tickets link

The Movie NARX is scheduled to play at 8:00pm, on May 4th, the Manhattan International Film Festival. Narx was Directed by Alex

Maisonette Featuring: Fat Joe, Chris Mulkey, Rocky A.Passofaro, Alex Maisonette, Salvatore Franciosa COME JOIN JUST----------

Cast: Fat Joe, Chris Mulkey (Boardwalk Empire, Friday Night Lights, Saving Grace), Rocky Passafaro, Alex Maisonette

Director/Producer- Alex Maisonette ("I Tried" Movie, an Agent "M" for Animal Precinct 3 seasons for Animal Planet)

If this was to be a Feature Film there are letters of interest already attached with:

Fat Joe Rap/Artist Peter Greene-Actor Wendy Robinson-Actress

Chris Mulkey-Actor Anna M. Horsford-Actress

Waiting on Collin Farrell and Howard Terrence to response!


Language: English

Length: 5min

Country: United States