Anna, Dear

Uploaded on Wednesday 23 January 2013


By age, Anna is already a 30 year-old grown woman, but she is certainly not a typical one; Anna never left her childhood room, and she still shares an apartment with her elderly, demanding, Hypochondriac mother. Anna has a lesbian relationship with a 21 year-old, independent, strong, young woman named Dominika, and with Dominika’s support, Anna decides to leave her mother’s home for the first time, in order to move in with Dominika and fulfill their love. Dominika arrives at Anna’s home, to pick her up to their new apartment, only to find Anna isn’t packed yet, and both Anna and Anna’s mother behave as if Anna is not going anywhere. Anna and Dominika pack the suitcases and get ready to go and move to their new home. Anna’s mother, however, tells her that her sickness has gotten deadly.


Language: Czech

Length: 1:12

Country: Czech Republic