Anonymous Berlin

Uploaded on Tuesday 3 January 2012


This is the 2004 release version that was based upon my first visit to Berlin Germany in the Fall of 2003. It chronicles a search for many of the expected cliches that were noteworthy in Hollywood cinema and the mass media but no longer existed in Berlin, if indeed they ever had. The excerpts correspond to different districts in Berlin that in themselves have a unique story of identity. The video begins as the first hand experience of an American tourist who is confronted with the enigma of Berlin's mystique being conspicuously absent of the accustomed architecture as represented in the films of the last century. Neighborhood after neighborhood is analogized in a combination of photographic imagery in tandem with computer animated sequences, test from journal entries and period music relating to former bygone eras. The slow transition from the mundane atmosphere of just another tourist experience to a prophetic flash of the uncanny linkage of contemporary American Petro-Imperialism with the failed empire of National Socialist Fascism is revealed.
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Language: English

Length: 15:31

Country: United States