AOMINE DAIKI kuroko no basket

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Aomine Daiki was the ace player of the reowned generation of miracles and was the former partner/light of kuroko in teiko. he curretly plays as the ace and the interhigh preliminaries and in the winter cup. He was the main antagonist until the first round of the winter cup. aomine daiki is 16 years old the high of aomine daiki is 6'3 the birthday is august 31. the sogiac sign virgo.
the blood type b. the position of aomine daiki is power forward. the talent of aomine daiki is speed and agility , streetball , formless shot, animal instinct and zone.

Aomine daiki before he gained immeasurable strength, Aomine was out going and even friendly. He often fooled around with kuroko and kise. Momoi stated that the old Aomine was very similar to kagami;
He loved playing basketball and was very good at it too. How ever , he lkept training and getting stronger, to the point that he often completely crushed his oppenents will to play basketball. He was initially sad about this, and searched for his equal on the cour, but he never found one. Eventually, he came to the conclusion that is he is simply the strongest and that the only one who can beat me is me”. He also cast his feelings towards his opponents aside and now views them as weak and wants to crush them. He often seeks to humiliate them in the worst kind of fashion. He has also become very lazy, only coming to training when he wants to, and slacking off even during matches, sometimes abusing his teammates in the process.

Aomine daiki also has a short temper and some kind of admiration towards kuroko even after his “change”, as he threatened a player with physical violence when he bad mouthed Kuroko.
Also, when haizaki stole food from kuroko, aomine told him, irritated, to get his own . He is also a big fan of japanese idols. He appears to be interested in that field of entertainment and knows about many idols. He has also said he likes models with big boobs.

Aomine daiki is shown to be very protective of his former teammates in teiko junior high, something his current teammates in too academy refer to as aomine’s “soft side”. This was first shown when Aomine attacked one fo his team mates in too after he badmouthed kuroko’s style of play. After kise’s match against shogo haizaki ended, Aomine confronted haizaki in order to make sure he does not attack kise later on or get in the way of kise’s and kuroko’s match at the winter cup.

Aomine daiki began playing street basketball before recieving any type of training. It was seen that he often played with Momoi, revealing how they were childhood friends. As he grew up, he began to play against streetballers. This was the developement of his ever-charging flexible streetball. Aomine attended junior high school in teiko for three years. He joined the basketball club as a first year and was put into the first string team immediately. One day, when Aomine stayed behind to practice, he was forced to go to another gym because the regular gym was full of other players. He was warned by momoi (who was the team’s manager at the time) that the gym was haunted by a ghost, but Aomine did not believe her, making fun of her for it. He entered and heard basketball sound, but couldn’t see anyone playing, leading him to the conclusion that perhaps there really was a ghost. Kuroko then introduced himself, scaring Aomine. They talk for a while and aomine compliments kuroko that staying so late for practice proves his love for basketball. Kuroko and aomine star practicing together and become good friends. Aomine also persuaded kuroko to keep playing basketball when he wanted to quit , saying that his determination to practice hard even though he isn’t the best has also motivated Aomine himself. When kuroko eventually joined the regulars of teiko, Aomine and kuroko were perfectly adaptable. Kuroko misdirection and invisible passes connected with Aomine’s strength and the two bought out the best in each other. This was the start of the first “ light and shadow ” relationship.

Aomine daiki is the ace player of the generation of miracle. He is also the ace player of teiko team. He fight all player he want to crush them all. He is very great in the street ball . He is also many unbelievable shot that who is the only one can shot like that. He is very strong player also in street ball.


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