Ashton Kutcher and Josh Gad Talk About "Jobs"

Uploaded on Thursday 8 August 2013


"Jobs," one of the most anticipated movies this year, is making its debut in theaters on Aug. 16th. Ashton Kutcher channels the iconic Steve Jobs in this well-made film about the life and times of the man who started Apple and the digital revolution.

Kutcher is a revelation as Jobs in the film. The first you see him as the Apple founder, you will think it's real footage. Josh Gad, fresh from the success of Broadway's "The Book of Mormon," stars as Jobs' friend and sidekick, Steve Wozniak. He will simultaneously make you laugh and break your heart. And he has nothing but great words for Kutcher.

How a film about a start-up company is made by a non-Hollywood start-up company! How cool is that?

I sat down with the actors in New York for this one-on-one interview. We talked about:

*** Ashton's emotional connection to the character and icon, Steve Jobs
*** Josh Gad's interest in the film
*** How Josh met Ashton for the first time
*** The vocal intonations of the character
*** "Jobs" is a labor of love!
*** Their favorite Apple product!


Language: English

Length: 3:00

Country: United States