Ayala Center Cebu Video

Uploaded on Sunday 9 October 2016


This Saturday, my husband James and I visited an Art Exchange in Banilad at Henry Hotel. After buying a few items at the bazaar plus getting my new table top plant, we decided to go to Ayala Center Cebu to canvass for new television which my husband will buy for his parents in Oslob.

We were there for lunch as well since it was almost 12 noon that day. But after checking out three or more shops for the television set, we couldn't decide which one will we buy. Actually, we thought it would only be a basic digital television but then we thought it would be a good tr if we'd get a Smart TV if the price isn't that too much gap.

But we still can't decide at all because he would like to know what his brother's opinion about it so we had to wait for him to arrive in the mall so we can finally decide which one will we buy.

It took them a few hours to arrive so we have to make use of our time. While taking a snack at Fruitful, we noticed the ballerina class occurring at the side of the shop so we thought what about taking a video of these cute ladies.

Eventually, we started taking video clips of the sites and ambiance in the center. We took videos outside of the mall at the Terraces and then we also took simple clips of the inside of the mall. To time lapses inside and outside plus movements of the mall and all.

Today, while checking on the clips, I decided to make a video of it by stitching these clips using the Adobe Premiere software. This is exciting because it was my first time to use the application. I had a few hours of trying to figure out that and which section but eventually, I got my video up.

Hope you like it and enjoy this four minute video.

Take care!

Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines