Bantayan's Lay'se Cafe

Uploaded on Monday 21 August 2017


A video presenting the first coffee shop within the island of Bantayan in Cebu province. It is located at the heart of the island in Santa Fe, one of the three towns of Bantayan. This film includes the ambiance and accessories within the cafe together with the drinks we had ordered during the time we had visited the cafe.

Last week we went to Bantayan Island again for the main purpose of acquiring some brood hens and gamefowl chickens. After doing so, James (my husband) and I spent another entire day in this paradise.

We checked in at the Hide Away Grove which was a few minutes drive from the Santa Fe main town. But that night after having dinner, we had the urge to go out and explore some other area of the town specially the new restaurants and cafes thus we passed by Lay'se Cafe.

They offer a wide range of drinks from coffee to lattes to tea. There's also a mini grocery inside the establishment which was good as they are open 24/7. I loved my green tea latte and James as well enjoyed his raspberry latte.

We spent a few hours in the cafe and since they offer free wifi, we took that chance to go online and have some time watching videos on YouTube and of course to also do some bitLanders stuff specially blogging.

It was a good cold night.

Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines

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