Be in Viktor Key

Uploaded on Friday 15 March 2013


BE IN VIKTOR KEY is a game of alternate identities that allows players to act out different roles in different places inside a timeless Florence where art, heart and soul of the game, has a unique, mysterious power that is featured when it unerringly coincides with life and proceeds to shape and mould it.

Viktor Key is a mysterious, shifty creature: no-one really knows him except in the shape he assumes at a given moment. He might be a suddenly materializing ghost, a human-seeming mud mask, or a shadowy warrior. Or he might be the Demiurge, the creator of the material world…to be Viktor means to be “inside” an uncontrollable reality that needs the decisive action of a Deus ex machina.
In this intricate exchange of identities, we are never sure if Viktor is the great, gnostic Demiurge or if he is the Deux ex machine of Greek tragedy (symbolically represented by a mechanical mask..).

A journey within a man who has no specific identity, who is the intractable and enigmatic maker of his own destiny and personal story:
A story that is not always his own but that, much against his own will, forces him to invent a role he can play that might justify his existence.


Language: English

Length: 5:53

Country: Italy