[bitLanders Tips & Tutorial] 2 Ways to Save Your Blog as Draft

Uploaded on Monday 5 December 2016


Hello guys~ I'm back again with bitLanders tips and tutorial video. This time I will share a video about how to save your blog as a draft in bitLanders.

Saving a blog as draft feature is very useful for me, since usually I need few days or week to complete my blog, and when I haven't finish my blog I would save my blog as draft so I can edit it later when I have a time then publish it.

Actually, there are two ways about how to save your blog as draft. Maybe, some of you already know about this tips. The first method is you can save your blog as draft with clicking the "Save Draft" button beside the "Publish" button when you write blog. But sometimes this method has problem like the blog cannot be saved as draft or the blog got published even though you didn't click the "Publish" button. The second method to save your blog as draft is by clicking "Preview" button, and mostly I use this method instead the first method. In my opinion, the safest way to save your blog as draft is with the second method.

For more details, you can watch the video above.

That's it. A simple guide and tutorial for bitLanders newbies about how to save your blog as draft. If you still have any question, you can leave comment below.

Maybe, this video will be my last video submission for review, because the new rules really discouraging me to submit more video for review after the new rules applied :3

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Thank you guys for your time~

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