[bitLanders Tips & Tutorial] How to change avatar?

Uploaded on Monday 14 November 2016


bitLanders as a social media platform has provided a unique innovation for its users which distinguish with other social media. One of them is with the avatar in each user's profile. Unlike others social media which use profile pictures as its user identity, but bitLanders use avatar to differentiate user from each other. Beside that, avatar can also be a sign or characteristic of each bitLanders user.

Speaking of avatars, this time I will share a video about tutorial and tips on how to change the avatar. Because I still met some bitLanders new user or bitLanders newbie who still do not know how to change the avatar that was already been made when completing the registration.

When changing your avatar, there are several options that you can use, such as gender change, change avatar face, and there is also option to select avatar face at random. You can see the details of the steps in the video above.

In changing your avatar you will be charged 2 gems if you want to save it, so make sure you have enough gems to do so. If you do not have enough gems you can buy at the store. But if you are a newbie I suggest to not wasting gems that you have, better use your gems to submit content for review. And you can change your avatar later when you have a sufficient balance to buy gems. And of course, all depends on you.

That's it. A simple guide and tutorial for bitLanders newbies about how to change avatar. If you still have any question, you can leave comment below.

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