Bohol in Five Minutes

Uploaded on Tuesday 29 November 2016


BOHOL - my home province, the island where I was born and raised. I lived my younger life in this island and I am proud of it. In the town of Guindulman, my family is based and it is where a huge part of land is used for agriculture, specifically in growing rice.

Rice fields can be seen here and there and so it is one of the places in Bohol which is rice in the main commodity of the Filipinos - rice. The back view of our home in Guindulman in fact has a huge rice field area and it is a breathtaking view with a lake at the farther part of it.

When James and I went home last November 1st, we had the chance to take videos of the parts of the province. Mainly, the Tagbilaran City Port, then Guindulman and Alicia. Alicia is my mother's birth place and she grow up living in that town.

In this video you'll see different time lapse. I always have fun seeing a time lapse video and so I had also added these clips in this movie. But my favorite time lapse is the one where the video was focusing on the rice fields in Alicia. The clouds were moving from right to left and it is just a mesmerizing view to see.

I also documented our road trip from Guindulman to Alicia. It is just four towns away from home so it is definitely a short trip but I love to show how our narrow road look like. The skies were blue at that day and it is a common view to see a few vehicles passing us.

I hope you'll enjoy the video! Take care!


Language: Music

Country: Philippines