Boracay Beach During Off Season

Uploaded on Thursday 18 August 2016


Boracay has been a very well known destination for the beach lovers. Everyone in the the country, Philippines is aware about Boracay being a top destination specially during summer. The beach is perfect during these days. There are hundreds if not thousands of people flocking into the island.

However, I had wondered how it looked like during off season. Will it be as beautiful as it should be during summer?

My husband and I was able to witness how Boracay looks like. The number of tourists is still uncountable. The shores have collected bamboos, sea grasses and the like because of the strong waves caused by the North Monsoon but it is still obvious that this is beautiful.

The long stretch of white sand beach is overwhelming and the clear waters are inviting everyone to join them. The sand covers a huge space from the shore that you can run from here to there without getting any bruises, just plain grains of white sand.

Indeed we have concluded that this is a beautiful island.

Enjoy the video.

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Country: Philippines