Bouncer Chronicles: Conversation with Michael Fullam Part 1

Uploaded on Tuesday 5 July 2011


Part 1
Mike Fullam explains the history of his 30 year bouncing career and how he got started at Rascals’ along with the Italian wise guys that used to frequent the establishment. Even mentioning how he had to deny a major member of the Colombo crime family from sneaking a sixteen year old girl into the club. The atmosphere at Rascals’ was constantly filled with gangsters and wiseguys mentioning a few noteworthy individuals with nicknames such as Baby John and Little Ernie. He fondly speaks of how he used to beat two of the younger bouncers Bruce and Jim out of cab fare each and every Friday night. Reluctantly, he even discusses a story of a shooting in Rascals’ where Gino fatally shot Mikey after he pulled out a gun in the middle of the bar.


Language: English

Length: 13min

Country: United States

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