Bouncer Chronicles: Conversation with Zack Lorenzo Zackery Part 4

Uploaded on Tuesday 2 August 2011


“Zack” Lorenzo Zackery Part 4
Zack speaks of all the celebrities he has met during his 25 year bouncing experience. Zack describes the reaction people have when they are drinking to get drunk. He mentions the different types of drugs that he has witnessed in Manhattan night clubs and the different behaviors of women while they are on drugs. Zack discusses one huge fight that happened between Dominican Black and American Black drug dealers, the fight started over one of the girls getting sprayed with champagne. There were over 40 people from both groups involved in the fight. At the time the uptown China Club only had 7 bouncers staffed. After that fight, Zack explains the importance of knowing the people you work with. Zack also mentions the one guy who got away without a beating that he deserved. He insulted Zack and said that he was a descendant of slaves he was even more insulted because the guy was also black but, from Africa.


Language: English

Length: 6min

Country: United States

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