Britania Group of Islands

Uploaded on Monday 23 January 2017


In a gloomy day with some reports of low pressure approaching the Surigao Del Sur area, it shouldn't be advisable to go on an island hopping adventure but since that was the only chance we have before we get back to Cebu, we didn't mind the storm coming. Although tired from the previous day's activity, we managed to get up as early as five in the morning to hopefully catch the morning sunrise but unfortunately, the sun wasn't feeling good that day too! Well, actually the skies, we all know the sun was just behind those dark clouds.

At twenty minutes past six, we got the boat ready for our Britania Group of Islands hopping which by the way was part of our two day tour package provided by Sir Jo Layo whom I had just contacted via Facebook and phone calls. It was a good deal for me though thinking they had to fetch us from Butuan and drop us to Tandag.

By the time we started the island hopping, the skies started to cry. We didn't mind it after all, we were already sailing. Now we got to our first island, the Hagonoy Island. I consider it an almost sandbar island although there were coconut trees at the center of it, it still looks like a huge sand bar for me.

Next was the Naked Island which we adored from a distance. Because of the strong waves crashing into its edges, docking of boats was not advised. We were just contented with watching it from afar though.

Third was the Hiyodhiyoran Island where we had breakfast. Fresh seafoods were sold here and we got a good deal for a huge fish cooked into Kinilaw, Sugba and Tinola. We also tried some sea urchins and shells! It was good to be in this island.

The last of the tour was the Boslon Island where we didn't really docked but just stayed from a far since there were some other groups who had arrived before us. We enjoyed diving and snorkeling from there.

You may read more of our experience with the Island hopping in this blog entry I had posted:

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