Butanding Weekend Again

Uploaded on Saturday 29 April 2017


Another good opportunity to spend a quick morning swim with the whalesharks in Oslob, Cebu - my husband James' home town. I had been registered as well in oslob thus making me a local in the said town so, each single chance that we got, we would make it a point to check out how the mighty whalesharks are doing.

Few weeks ago if not months, we had gone to Oslob and took that chance again to swim with them.

It was a fun experience since we got pretty better video clips this time compared to the previous ones. We also came earlier this time, at around six thirty, we were already at the briefing area, went through the briefing process, paid and got our priority numbers. Indeed the system is a bit smoother this time compared to the first time so waiting time is lesser.

I found myself taking time lapse of the location while waiting for our turn. There were certain people who will be announcing the priority numbers of which who are going near the whalesharks so it is pretty okay to just sit and wait for the number to be called.

It was only a few minutes waiting time actually when our number was called. Got the boat with some other tourists. We were the only Filipinos on board. Then we came into this group of boats connected to each other via a rope they had placed in that spot.

I got a glimpse of the whale sharks right away and so we dived into the waters and started taking videos! That started our adventure, after thirty minutes of swimming, taking photos and videos, we were called again by the boat men signalling we are going back to the shore and our time was up.

I am not sure though if that is the last time that I will be swimming with the whale sharks. I know I will be doing this again soon, the date isn't sure yet but as long as the whale sharks are here, we will definitely do this again.

Enjoy the video!

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