Calligraphy Time: Be Careful

Uploaded on Wednesday 14 June 2017


Yesterday, I had another chance to make a quote slash verse written on my journal notebook. Thanks goodness, I woke up earlier than usual so I had the time to set up my camera with the tripod.

So the quote is:

"Be careful with the things we love; these very things can enslave us."

It is true that whichever we love, our mind and spirit are also in them. If you have someone you love, you always think of them, you want to be with them always. So be careful as that would somehow enslave you.

The word "enslave" here should be translated idiomatically and not literally. For me it somehow means one will be focusing on the things that they love instead of focusing on God.

For me, it is good to have our eyes fixed on the heavenly things than the things here on earth. If we have God as our focus, we lack nothing and so we treat the things on this earth as temporary.

The lettering here is inspired by a post I have seen in one of the instagram accounts I had followed. I know this is not perfect compared to that post but I have tried to at least be like it. The quote however is from the Bible.

Hopefully, the video will also encourage you in creating your own hand lettering and learn about a new hobby, the calligraphy. There's one thing that I always notice when I am doing this - meditation and focus.

I believe you too can acquire that. This hobby actually helps in terms of concentration and focus. It isolates the mind and be focused only with the work in front so I definitely recommend this to you all.

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Best regards,
Jean Beltran-Figues


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