Calligraphy Time: Safety

Uploaded on Thursday 15 June 2017


"Safety is not the absence of Danger; it is the presence of God."

Today's calligraphy quote was derived from my devotional read and it is important for me in my daily life because my husband and I had been traveling with a motorcycle everyday and I know that accidents happen in everyday life specially in a city like Cebu.

News here and there have been published about road accidents and lot more so it is indeed a bit of scary to be on the road in the midst of huge trucks and buses around you. Aside from that there are also motorists who are not disciplined enough that they tend to become irresponsible and would just drive whatever they like.

This verse had reminded me that there is always safety if I am putting my trust in God alone. I am being assured in this that whatever may happen to us in the road, we are hopeful that God has planned everything for us. If a specific event may happen, there is a reason for that and we just have to trust the One who knows our future.

Note that this calligraphy was made possible with the use of Sakura Microns of sizes 005, 0.2 and 1.0. I had created a sketch with a pencil which I wasn't able to take a video of. I had planned to not take an video for today but then I realize this is worth it so I had to start recording only when I was starting to put the permanent ink.

I hope this helps you learn about calligraphy too. Learn new hobby and consider learning calligraphy. I am still learning too and I am trying hard to create something everyday.

Enjoy guys!

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Jean Beltran-Figues


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