Charlie Chan at The Opera

Uploaded on Friday 24 October 2014


Charlie Chan wents to watch a performance at the opera that is to die for.
For seven years, opera star Gravelle (Boris Karloff) has been locked in an insane asylum, his identity is a mystery even to himself. But when his memory unexpectedly returns, he begins to recall that his wife and her lover tried to murder him and now he's determined to make them face the music. Gravelle escapes from the asylum and makes his way to the San Marco opera house and begins hiding out in the various rooms and passageways. Soon, members of the opera company are being murdered one by one.
These is a case for Charlie Chan that soon investigates the killings with his intelligence investigative mind that collect all the clues to make toguether the puzzle for the crimes and figure out who is behind the murders and show the real face of the criminal behind the suspects. A brilliant film to see for all the family and friends.


Language: English

Country: United States