Chris' Birthday Dinner

Uploaded on Wednesday 28 December 2016


I guess it is safe to say that we are quite lucky our company provides us with additional funds when it's our birthday. So this month, Chris had just celebrated his birthday and together with his birthday fund sponsored by the company, he also had shelled out a few bucks from his 13th month fund to treat us a dinner at Kuya J in Ayala Center.

We enjoyed the food so much that we had forgotten to take videos of the food. Only pictures of the food and the colleagues. Fortunately, it came to my mind that we should also do the Mannequin challenge as well so that we can post it on our company's Facebook page.

Although it was a failure, we still had fun and it helped with the camaraderie between the colleagues. It was a failure because there were others or shall I say most of them had moved while in focus during the video. I was the one who took the video obviously and I had been laughing all along because these guys are really not doing their best, they can't help but chew or move their mouth, I guess they were still hungry.

Anyway, hope you'll have fun watching this video and also perhaps encourage you to make your own Mannequin Challenge video as well.

Jean Beltran-Figues


Language: Music

Country: Philippines