Cupcake Digital's Susan Miller on Common Core Curriculum

Uploaded on Tuesday 16 April 2013


Susan Miller brings to Cupcake Digital entertainment business experience so broad and deep, it would almost be easier to list what she hasn’t done. But, here goes.

An entrepreneur, producer and consumer products licensing expert, Susan is the founding partner of Mixed Media Group, Bolder Media, Inc. and Cupcake Digital. She specializes in intellectual property business development and licensing for world-class media properties, celebrities, lifestyle and corporate brands. Sales of consumer products based on brands Susan manages exceed $1 billion.

Susan is the Executive Producer and co-owner of the hit Emmy Award-winning animated television series, Wow! Wow! Wubbzy! and prime time television movies starring superstar Beyoncé Knowles, Extreme Home Makeover television star Ty Pennington, and World Champion figure skater Michelle Kwan. She is co-producer of the Miramax feature film, Ella Enchanted starring Anne Hathaway.

Susan also works extensively in book publishing and has generated 12 New York Times bestsellers. Prior to starting her own company, she held executive positions with Warner Bros., American Express, Colgate and Xerox. She is a frequent speaker about media and entrepreneurship, and has been an invited speaker at University of Michigan, Columbia University, NYU, KidScreen Summit, Licensing Expo, and Association of American Publishers, iKidscreen and Sandbox Summit.

“The 2010 introduction of the iPad inspired me to launch Mixed Media iBooks and Cupcake Digital, Susan says. “Integrated social media is the driver of our product, marketing and sales efforts.”


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